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My philosophy
In Eastern cultures, it is standard to take a proactive approach to one's health. Keeping balance within the body can help prevent disease. Massage is one way to help people manage stress and pain, increase energy, and promote a healthy immune system. My mission is to make my services affordable and something you can incorporate into your personal wellness plan. I am committed to always offering you superior quality massage at affordable prices.


NEW Prices effective September 1, 2017. Schedule is booked 6 weeks in advance for new clients.

On-Site Chair Massage- $1/minute
Are your employees stressed? Companies across the country are using seated massage to make work less stressful and to manage pain caused by repetitive motion. Just a short "stress-buster" relieving tension in the neck, back, and shoulders can reduce pain, increase energy and productivity, and promote a healthier immune system.

*MOST POPULAR* Integrated Bodywork Treatment – $65/60-minutes, $85/90-minutes
Having problems, such as carpal tunnel, low back pain, neck/shoulder pain, sciatica, etc that need to be addressed? Try an integrative bodywork massage using trigger point therapy, deep tissue, and various stretching techniques. This work addresses specific conditions and helps to improve muscle tone, posture, and joint range of motion. Additionally, it releases pain patterns and trigger points and assists in venous and lymphatic flow. Also great for athletes and weekend warriors!

Relaxation Treatment - $65/60-minutes; $85/90-minutes
Soothe your aching muscles and revitalize your spirit with an integrated Swedish massage. This treatment can include Reiki (a Japanese style of energy work), motion palpation, and range of motion variations. Leave your session feeling relaxed, stretched, and revitalized. Hot packs, aromatherapy, and Chinese liniments are also used at no additional charge.

Japanese Hot Stone Massage - $65/60-minutes; $85/90-minutes
Based upon anma, one of the oldest forms of Asian massage, this stone massage can be gentle to relieve stress or deep and penetrating to reduce significant back, neck, and shoulder tension. Traditionally, this is a non-oily treatment, however oils can be used in your treatment. This therapy combines acupressure (rejuvenating ki or life force energy) with massage and is sure to bring you to a state of deep relaxation.

Japanese Facial (combined with hand and foot massage) - $65/60-minutes
Ko bi do or Ancient Way of Japan, beauty is considered the optimal state of health. This massage is a vigorous and stimulating technique that helps to improve facial tone, remove toxins, and improve blood flow, which supplies oxygen and other nutrients. Additionally, it relieves facial tension, helps lymph drainage, and tonifies organ meridians by activating tsubo or acupressure points. Please note, this treatment is not intended to treat skin conditions, but rather to work your facial muscles and give you that natural face-lift.

Pregnancy Massage - $65/60-minutes; $85/90-minutes
Using proper positioning, this massage is designed for the mother-to-be. Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints, promotes relaxation for mother and baby, increases flexibility, and improves lymphatic flow which helps reduce fluid retention. Helps mom to sleep better, relax mind and body, and breathe more deeply. Because massage supports your physical health and vitality, it can help you more easily adjust to the many changes in your body and demands of your new life.

Thai Massage - $75/75-minutes; $90/90-minutes – includes Thai medicinal herb compresses
Thai massage is an ancient healing tradition originating some 2,500 years ago. Its roots have been found in India and China and spread to Thailand with the spread of Buddhism. Its foundation lies in yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, acupressure and Buddhist philosophy. Often times called "lazy man's yoga," this massage assists the client in deep yoga like stretches, while applying acupressure and using warm Thai herbal compresses. The client is fully clothed and the massage is on a floor mat. This massage improves circulation, relieves muscular tension and spasm, boosts the immune system, and balances the body energetically and spiritually. 

Spa Parties -$1/minute
The next time you plan a bridal or baby shower or just a small gathering of friends, consider bringing the spa to your home. You and your guests decide ahead of time what types of services you would like to have at your party and the spa comes to you. While one guest is receiving a treatment, other guests can sit around and soak their tired feet in bath salts, indulge in aromatherapy facials, and massage overworked hands in a salt scrub. Please inquire for further details. Travel and set-up costs may apply. Minimum 2 hours; Maximum 5 hours. Hostess supplies food and beverages.

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