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"One of the most thorough massages I've had. Angie is a good listener and caters to the client's specific needs" – Dave, real estate agent & hockey player

"My whole massage was wonderful, and, as an athlete, I really appreciated the special attention to my hip flexors and legs. I felt great after!" – Susan, librarian, mom & hockey player

"I consider no experience coincidental! I sought help from a previous health provider regarding need for a referral CMT. I obtained an appointment and was warmly received, and less than 10 minutes into the treatment, knew that Angie's skills were indeed exceptional! The rhythmical administering of her services immediately dictates relaxation and healing. Her thoroughness is most impressive, and I am grateful that I was led to this tremendous resource to aid in my healing from injury. I travel a great distance to receive this service and would certainly NOT do so if it were not exceptional." – Ethel, retired, age 73

"Angie is a skilled, knowledgeable professional and pleasure to visit. Her natural talent for massage therapy puts my mind at ease and helps me relax when I go for a session. The variety of treatment she offers allows me to explore other sides of holistic medicine. She is a wonderful listener and that gift is reflected in the quality of her touch." – Amy, print production manager, outdoor enthusiast

"While climbing 200 stairs to a Buddhist temple in Thailand, I realized that all the Thai massage I had been receiving from Angie had tremendously helped my chronic hip problem. Usually, I would have been suffering walking those distances, but after receiving Thai massage, my chronic hip pain had disappeared. I was equally amazed to find that the pain was still absent even after a 23-hour plane ride!" – Mary, retired, age 71

"Angie's talent is very unique. The combination of her experiences, knowledge, and genuine sincerity make her sessions uplifting and spiritual. There is a calmness about her that lingers with you long after the session is finished. Time spent with Angie is much needed for me personally. Her sessions provide immediate stress relief and help me to learn to manage stress on a long term basis." – Tina, administration manager

"On June 9, 2005, I had my first and only Thai massage from Angie. At 74, with an arthritic and well-used body, I felt I had been given a new body. The stretches, the heated herbs, and the massage were welcome gifts and I felt 10 years younger and far more agile and flexible. I would have at least one a week, if possible." – Betsy, retired, age 74

"What a wonderful experience. The stretches and heated herbs enabled my muscles to relax to the point that the massage was very beneficial to me. It was so enjoyable that the time seemed to fly" – Sarah, mom and athlete

"The Thai massage was very unique and relaxing, and I preferred it to a traditional massage because it involved the entire body and combined massage with stretching. The rejuvenated feeling lasted longer than with a traditional massage. I would highly recommend Angie's ability to provide this time-honored form of relaxation. – Gretchen, physical therapist and mom

"I feel really good, energized, even-keeled (great for sailing!!!). My stiffness is decreased, my metabolism is "burning calories" again! Thank you SO much, you keep me SO healthy and young!!! What a blessing you are!" – Dianna, nurse and caregiver

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